Mystery Crystal Candle

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 Homemade Mystery Crystal Candles. They are unscented, creamy shade of white with multiple different kinds of crystals placed gently on top. Homemade with 100% soy wax, sprinkled with lavender buds and bio glitter.

You can reuse the tin after the candle is burnt out as well!

All candle components and crystals have been ethically sourced, not tested on animals and are vegan. Please be careful when handling the candle, and remove the crystals with tweezers.
Even though crystals have been found to have many healing benefits, it is not a given to work for each individual. Crystals may or may not affect each person differently. The crystals within these candles are not to be used alone as a sole healing treatment.
Do not leave candles unattended around children and pets, decorations on the top of the candles could be a potential choking hazard or toxic to animals.

Please note that due to crystals being a natural form they crystals will differ in size, colour and shape.
All crystals will be in tumble stone or raw form, which have been ethically sourced, and cleansed by myself with sage.
I use tins that will compliment the candle, they will either be silver or gold.
I hope you love your candle as much as I love among them.
Please contact me if you have any queries.